How many competitors do you have? Wrong!

Because while you were forming your answer, somewhere in the world someone just went into business doing what you do, and the way customers choose between you and your competition may be influenced by the quality of the writing on your website and in your documentation.

It doesn´t matter who you are or how well-educated you are – at some time or another almost everyone runs into problems relating to grammar and punctuation. Why do we care? Well, incorrect grammar, punctuation, or usage can detract from the value and usability of your writings.

Apart from anything else, it´s hard to keep up with the changes in language usage as it applies to different fields of science and technology. Thus, to remain competitive, everything I write for my clients goes through my team of expert technical editors before it leaves my office.

Now I am offering this same service to you. Let us help strengthen your articles, technical papers, and website against your competitors.

I´m so sure you will find this service invaluable to your business that I am offering a remarkable deal: Let my technical editing team look at your website or any other document (up to five pages). If they don´t find any errors, or if you decide not to adopt their recommendations, then you don´t pay!

My technical editing services include:
Magazine articles
Technical papers
     Data sheets
User manuals
     Web content
Presentation scripts
and much, much more…

Contact me today to talk about your editing needs!

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