First Rule of Business: It doesn´t matter how amazing your product or service is if you can´t communicate your messages effectively.

And this is where the expertise of an educated technical writer becomes invaluable. I´m Max Maxfield, and I write technical articles and papers for a wide range of companies, from small start-ups to billion-dollar corporations.

An engineer by trade with a background in electronics and computer design, I often write for companies who develop the tools used to design and verify electronic components and systems. I also write for those companies who actually create silicon chips and electronic products. My expertise includes many branches of science and technology and I have written on such topics as electronics and computing, mathematics, 3D graphics, micro-optical imaging systems, and DNA splicing techniques.

Very often I work with groups of engineers or scientists who have developed something really clever and useful, but when the time comes to explain their masterpiece on paper…suffice it to say, they find this part of the process quite daunting. Enter the technical writer.

In many cases I find that clients are skeptical of technical writers because they have engaged one in the past with a degree in either English or journalism, one who could have written a book on the myriad uses of the apostrophe or comma, but who had little or no background in technology. The client thus became the tech writer, and the tech writer, merely a copy editor. In comparison, as an engineer I am a very quick study with regard to any form of science or technology. My reviews have been consistently favorable, stating in particular that I present complex topics in an interesting and understandable way.

My technical writing services include:

Magazine articles
Technical papers
     Data sheets
User manuals
Maintenance manuals
     Web content
Presentation scripts
and much, much more…

Contact me today to talk about your writing needs!

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