Cunning Calculators

In which we meet the Photomath calculator, which works with photos of your equations, and the MyScript calculator, which allows you to draw equations with your finger.

Car Steering Wheel Tray

I was recently introduced to the concept of a tray that quickly and easily attaches to your car’s steering wheel (not while you are driving, of course). What a good idea!

Uber-Cute Robot Puppies

“Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.” — Arthur C. Clarke (2010: Odyssey Two)

Can I Be Prank?

If you know someone who has a birthday or anniversary or some other occasion coming up, you may consider presenting their present in a Prank-O gift box.

The Flashing LEDs Are Calling

The DIY electronics portion AliExpress website can be a time-sink for the unwary because one tempting project leads to another.

Tortuously Tricky Triangle Puzzle

I recently saw (what appears at first glance to be) a simple puzzle involving triangles. But is finding the solution going to be trickier than I think?

World’s Oldest Video From 1874!

In which we see some of the oldest video recordings in the world, including offerings from Thomas Edison, Louise Le Prince, and the Lumiere Brothers.