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I once met Steve Wozniak, or he once met me (it’s hard to remember the nitty-gritty details).

This little robot arm continually points to the current location of the International Space Station (ISS).

Due to the expansion of the universe, sometime around 2 trillion years from now, it won’t be possible to see anything outside our Local Supercluster.

When you look at these little scamps, do you feel your creative juices starting to slosh around?

Are you a fan of virtual and augmented reality technology? Do you see it’s potential? Does your management fail to see its potential? This webinar will help!

Paul Parry from Bad Dog Designs has upcycled some old circuit boards into a map of the world.

The few whose desktop photos are selected will be the envy of all their engineer friends.

Happy Dance! We now have a cool place to present any videos we create to complement our Cool Beans Blogs.

I just ran across some droolworthy 4″ and 6″ electromechanical 7-segment displays from a company called ScoreTronics.

It seems that our bodies are being inundated with a firestorm of free radicals whose source can be anything from heavy metals to air pollution to trans fats.

This is one of those ideas that leaves me kicking myself wondering why I didn’t think of it first.

We leave our mark on the universe (for good or for ill) by how we treat other creatures and other people.