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Would it be better to ride the railways on people-powered rail bikes, or travel to the edge of space in a luxury lounge hoisted by a gigantic balloon?

This artist can paint not just with both hands, but also with both feet, and all at the same time!

In which we discover why it’s a good idea to solder your silicon chips in place lest they decide to go for a stroll.

In which we are exposed to the torrid tale of someone called Inkbox who has created a 16-Bit CPU that runs in Excel.

I just ran across a video that shows all sorts of innovative space-saving and/or multi-function furniture.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve visited too many older people trapped in boring, soul-destroying facilities.

I cannot wait to ‘not’ get my real-world hands on my virtual-world LEGO bricks (and that’s not something you expect to hear yourself say very often).

Suffice it to say that everyone and everything in these images was shot in-camera underwater, and that the results truly are haunting.

2-pin SPST ON-OFF and 3-pin SPDT ON-ON and ON-OFF-ON. Pushbuttons, toggles, rockers, sliders… you name it, I need it.

The folks at SiTime have managed to cram a lot of interesting and useful information into this free eBook.

In which we discover a smorgasbord of tempting tidbits of trivia and noteworthy nuggets of knowledge.

My head is buzzing with ideas pertaining to Cube World, which was conceived and created by Tony the Toy Maker.