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The combination of the figure and the moving sky in this diorama — accompanied by the music — is really rather tasty. Our cats and I could watch this for hours.

Like so many things, I started off by saying “Ooh, Shiny!” But I ended up thinking, “Just a minute, how does that actually work in the real world?”

OMG! Three 32-bit processor cores each running at 300 MHz, each with its own floating-point unit (FPU), and each with more memory than you can throw a stick at!

Crowbits are programmable, LEGO-compatible, magnetically-coupled electronic blocks to interest kids in electronics and computing and facilitate their STEM activities.

What sort of mad genius would think of creating displays using pompoms, plastic penguins, trolls, or Japanese fans as display elements?

I have a deep-seated belief that I was born to rule the world, and what better way to do so than by means of voice commands issued using my commanding voice?

If someone were to approach you proffering a plasma lightsaber prototype, would you say “Yay” or “Nay”?

It would benefit many of us to cease scurrying around, slow down, and take the time to contemplate the wonders of life and to try to savor each moment of every day.

Higher quality images allow artificial intelligence and machine vision systems to better detect things and make better decisions resulting in better outcomes.

I know that the President is a busy man spinning lots of plates on sticks and juggling lots of balls, but I hope he finds the time to consider the suggestion I just sent him.

In addition to being able to see and hear, this new machine olfaction capability means robots will now be able to detect, recognize, and respond to smells.

I can’t keep up. I can no longer take the strain. I’m too young (and good looking) for all this excitement.