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It constantly amazes me how there are always multiple ways of doing things. The problem is that sometimes it’s hard to decide which option is best.

It’s been a long time since I performed Karnaugh map minimizations by hand. As a result, on my first pass, I missed a couple of obvious optimizations.

How would one set about measuring the width of a human hair using a laser? Why, with Omni’s Hair Diffraction Calculator, of course!

Imagine the frustration if, after years of searching, you were to lay your hands on an Edison Model 35-A Stock Ticker Tape machine, but you couldn’t find a manual?

I was feeling reasonably confident about my chances until I heard that the aptly named Nick Bild has entered one of his no-doubt awesome creations.

Can you imagine having a personal tutor to (a) teach your kids how to draw and (b) keep them happy, occupied, and -- perhaps most importantly -- quiet?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to drop into the conversation the fact that you attended the “University of the Witwatersrand”?

The word “only” can change the meaning of a sentence depending on its position in that sentence. If only I could remember the “only rule” I need to know.

A crack research team at the University of Kansas has joined the ALICE experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Mark your calendar for 18 November 2020 because yours truly is to give the keynote presentation at the “Qt Goes Virt: Embedded” online event.

Would you believe that the clever Victorians had incredibly cunning 21-segment incandescent lamp-based displays as far back as 1898?

You rarely get to hear people of this caliber talk in this “fireside chat” manner, so I would advise younger engineers to take the time to listen to these industry luminaries.