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You rarely get to hear people of this caliber talk in this “fireside chat” manner, so I would advise younger engineers to take the time to listen to these industry luminaries.

Do you have a gadget or gizmo that uses sensors in an ingenious or frivolous way? If so, claim your 15 minutes of fame at the virtual Sensors Innovation Fall Week event.

Any suggestions for a 4x4 keypad in which the keys aren’t wobbly and you don’t have to strike a key dead center for it to make contact?

WARNING: If you read this blog and visit the featured site, Max’s Cool Beans will accept no responsibility for the countless hours you may fritter away.

You've traveled back in time 65 million years with no way to return. What evidence can you leave to ensure future humans will know of your existence?

Have you ever wondered if there may another world hidden behind the facade of the one we know and love? If so, would you like to go there for a visit?

If you said “Yes” to two of the items in the title of this blog -- specifically the last two -- then read on...

Heads up! Better grab your free virtual seat while the grabbing is good!

I have a lurking suspicion that -- if I had attempted this feat -- I would have been in the wrong location on the wrong day looking in the wrong direction.

Although it’s small and light, my new GaN-based wall wart power supply charges my Eggtronic power bank in half the time it was taking using my existing wall warts.

Vizy is a powerful platform for AI, scientific, and vision applications, and a great way to become familiar with and learn AI and image processing.

Will this Borg-like assimilation mean the Xilinx moniker will soon pass from the popular consciousness to be replaced by the name AMD Programmable Devices?