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As John says, “If an alien language were to be spoken, I’d be confident we could translate and understand it, just as we do with the French.”

This video is just how I imagined the characters and the events whilst I was reading the book. Watching them on the screen is like seeing old friends.

If ever we do get to meet with aliens, will they be like Jar Jar Binks with whom we could converse and befriend, or will they be more like The Blob, The Thing, or Stephen King’s IT?

Kinetic self-powered wireless switches convert the mechanical energy from pressing the switch into electrical energy to power a wireless signal.

Do you believe we will ever get to make contact other intelligent lifeforms and, if so, do you think the results will be good or bad, happy or sad?

I must admit that I’ve long been uncomfortable with some of the terminology we use in electronics engineering. Mayhap it’s time to adopt a new nomenclature.

Do you believe we will one day discover rudimentary life on other planets and moons in our solar system (Mars, Venus, Europa, Enceladus…)?

I can almost feel the wind whistling through my hair as I race down the highways and byways astride my giant robot chicken on a hot summer’s day.

If one were to binge all the Star Wars films in one mammoth session, should one watch them in the order in which they were made or in the order of chronological events?

This clock’s digits aren’t Nixie tubes — they are glass tubes containing small display screens that have been programmed to *look like* Nixie tubes!

Do you have any suggestions for a small item John could secrete in his little void? Perhaps a short message to some unknown person 1,000 years in our future?

You could spread a lot of fun and frivolity with Flutter Flyers, but less so if you were to move into the Green Home apartment complex at the onset of an apocalypse.