Hi everyone, I’m hoping that you can help with something that is a bit of a poser for your humble narrator. I just received an email from my chum Glenn Kirilow, who hails from Down Under. In his message, Glenn spake as follows:

G’day Max, quick one for you. I have a real interest in high-speed analog design, a field I feel is criminally underappreciated. Sadly, in university 10 years back now, the final area we touched on was current feedback op-amps. We didn’t have any subjects on RF circuits etc., which was a real shame.

Are there any books or materials you would recommend on the topic? I’ve just been reading app notes from TI and Analog Devices as well as various websites but would be great to have a reference too. I’ve got The Art of Electronics 3rd edition, which is great, but I need to go a step further.

The problem here is that, as I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m a digital logic engineer by trade and I tend to find the wibbly-wobbly nature of analog signals to be a tad disquieting. So, with Glenn’s permission, I decided to post this plaintive plea in the heartfelt hope that someone wiser than I would have a clue. Are you that someone?