I don’t know how much excitement I can take in one day. I’ve grown used to the idea of a bipedal robot that can dance better than me. I’ve even grown to accept the fact that a robot dog can dance better than me for goodness’ sake (see Do You Love Me?).

But I don’t think I was ready to see a robot that can walk, fly, ride a skateboard, and balance on a slackline. And then my chum Jay Dowling sent me a link to this video on YouTube.

Apart from anything else, the comments to this video provide points for us to cogitate and ruminate over, like the person who said: “Imagine like 50-100yrs from now when androids are looking back at their history and thinking, ‘WTF were they ACTUALLY thinking THAT thing was gonna do?!’”

How about you? Do you have any thought you’d care to share (preferably on what you’ve seen in this blog)?