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The Drifter flaunts two 8-inch f/5 primary mirrors that combine ultra-wide 30x views with the light-gathering ability of a 12 to 16-inch professional telescope.

I can only imagine the buzz this would generate amongst my techno-weenie friends. Do you think you could be tempted to one of these little scamps?

I was just introduced to a new theory that may explain how and why (or why and how) life exists. Finally, we may understand the awesomeness that is me.

The MSGEQ7 8-pin dual in-line (DIL) integrated circuit accepts an audio stream as input and splits it into seven different "frequency buckets."

Using 144 7-segment displays powered by an Arduino Nano, and employing a rather cunning font, this clock is bound to attract attention.

Although I've been exposed to some amazing things in academic and research settings, I can't recall seeing anything this versatile in the public domain.

If you are a whizz at waveforms vis-à-vis bells of a totally tubular persuasion, then any light you can shed on this subject would be very gratefully received.

One of my chums just pointed me at a rather cool website that shows you how to write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. How could I resist?

You too can own one of the industry's most sought after 2020 calendars featuring engineers' desktops from around the world.

Should there be a "Finishing School" for electrical and electronic engineers in which they were taught a suite of real-world nitty-gritty skills?

My mind is still buzzing with what I just saw. How did binary manage to pop up out of nowhere? And why did I not spot the binary connection myself?

In which we consider some of the effects we could implement using a toggle switch and two (count them, two) unicolor LEDs.