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If you’ve already seen Vivarium, or if you watch it as a result of reading this blog, I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Those clever chaps and chapesses at SiTime recently posted a blog: “Decoding Time: Why Leap Years Are Essential for Precision”

Would it be better to ride the railways on people-powered rail bikes, or travel to the edge of space in a luxury lounge hoisted by a gigantic balloon?

This artist can paint not just with both hands, but also with both feet, and all at the same time!

In which we discover why it’s a good idea to solder your silicon chips in place lest they decide to go for a stroll.

In which we are exposed to the torrid tale of someone called Inkbox who has created a 16-Bit CPU that runs in Excel.

I just ran across a video that shows all sorts of innovative space-saving and/or multi-function furniture.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve visited too many older people trapped in boring, soul-destroying facilities.

I cannot wait to ‘not’ get my real-world hands on my virtual-world LEGO bricks (and that’s not something you expect to hear yourself say very often).

Suffice it to say that everyone and everything in these images was shot in-camera underwater, and that the results truly are haunting.

2-pin SPST ON-OFF and 3-pin SPDT ON-ON and ON-OFF-ON. Pushbuttons, toggles, rockers, sliders… you name it, I need it.

The folks at SiTime have managed to cram a lot of interesting and useful information into this free eBook.