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Are you having problems adjusting your watch strap or swapping out your watch battery? If so, I am the bearer of glad tidings.

Well known for their work on safety-critical and mission-critical systems, the folks at GridVortex are known by some as “The fail-safe bare-metal guys”

Subtracting one decimal number from another can be tricky if borrows are required, especially when using an unfamiliar technique.

Are there any events from the past that you would love to see if you were ever presented with an opportunity to do so?

Will ChatGPT ever evolve to the stage that it is capable of writing something like The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis?

I have to say that many of these mechanical motions were completely new to me, starting with the first, which I now know to be a Schmidt coupling.

After watching this video, I’m sorely tempted to create my own solenoid/water-bath implementation of a phased array.

Is the world ready for the next transubstantiation of encabulation?

This bodacious beauty is better equipped than my car, with 360-degree collision avoidance sensors, party lights, and a backup camera, to name but a few.

Would you feel comfortable if your otherwise humanoid robot boasted (and flaunted) tentacular grippers instead of five-fingered hands?

If you want to know more about fundamental concepts like voltage, current, and resistance, here are links to a handy-dandy collection of columns.