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This bodacious beauty is awesome to behold. If I took one of these to an embedded systems conference, I would be the toast of the town. I so want a 4G version!

At their VE Day party, my mom remembers sandwiches with flavours like mock crab and mock banana, along with buns, jellies, and blancmanges. Hang on! Mock banana?

If you want an amazingly cheap and awesomely powerful internet-based phone solution for your home or office, PhonePower has you covered.

How long will it be before you feel comfortable sitting in a crowded waiting room or riding a packed metro or squeezing into a full elevator?

My mind is buzzing with thoughts of quantum communications, 3D maps of the human brain, and riding waterpark slides whilst wearing a virtual reality headset.

John Horton Conway was the originator of the Game of Life, which dragged the concept of cellular automata kicking and screaming out of academia and into the real world.

All the representations I've seen regarding social distancing guidelines for engineers have depicted what appear to be two male members of the species, which is "So mid-20th century, my dear!"

Arduino Mega footprint; three 32-bit cores all running at 200 MHz; 4 Mbytes of Flash and 500 Kbytes of RAM; works with the Arduino IDE; what's not to love?

Have you seen the video that describes how the coronavirus has hit hardest where 5G was first deployed?

That metaphorical “boing” sound you hear, figuratively speaking, is a symbolical ball allegorically landing on Chewy’s side of the illusory net.

There’s an old saying that goes something like: “Experience is what stops you from making mistakes, but making mistakes is how you gain experience.”

"It is sometimes difficult to determine if quotes found on the Internet are genuine or not" (Abraham Lincoln).