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What do Scottish-American comedian Craig Ferguson, Scotty from the original Star Trek, and Scottish actor Peter Capaldi have in common?

It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that some new global pandemic will appear with a virus that has the communicability of measles and the lethality of Ebola.

I need a problem that lends itself to being solved using a genetic algorithm; also, one whose evolving results can be displayed on my 12 x 12 ping pong ball array.

I just read “Empty World” by John Christopher, and I’m sure you will be as amazed as I to discover that this book has a hint of a sniff of the post-apocalyptic about it.

If you were in the possession of one of these bodacious beauties, what sorts of games and effects would you create using the little scamp?

Using the bitwise operators in general -- and employing them to perform masking, bit testing, and bit setting/clearing operations in particular -- can be extremely efficacious.

Oscar Vermeulen has been able to replicate the functionality of a classic PDP-11/70 using a mega-cool front panel with a Raspberry Pi as the computing engine.

I first read the seminal trilogy -- Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation -- as a young lad, but never did I dare hope to see it on TV.

Some people seem to regard loading dishwashers as a competitive sport, using the first item they insert to block the maximum possible number of moves by the next player.

When it comes to creating technical materials targeted at beginners, hand-drawn images using watercolors or colored pencils may offer a non-threatening solution.

It just struck me that I have only 37 years remaining to complete my Countdown Timer project before it becomes superfluous to requirements.

Could life evolve on ice worlds, ocean worlds, ocean worlds covered in ice, halo worlds that are tidally locked with their sun, and rogue worlds without a sun? If so, what sort of life might it be?