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The scary thing is that this reminds me of the scurrilous ways in which I’ve been treated by members of the programming and IT communities over the years.

Believe it or not, I ran into John (he told me I could call him that) at a small café just a couple of evenings ago as I pen these words.

Have you ever wondered why Bill is a common nickname for William and Dick is a common nickname for Richard?

Tell me if you’ve heard this before, but I’m looking for a Nordic word that has a sufficiently amorphous gestalt to make it confusing to explain in Norwegian.

I just saw an amazing video showing Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones from 2021 mixed with Spot robot dogs from Boston Dynamics.

Up until a couple of minutes ago, I’d never even considered the possibility of wireless LEDs. Now I feel as though my life will be incomplete without them!

When playing with LEDs, should we first modify brightness and then apply gamma correction, or should we apply gamma correction first and then modify brightness?

Using a simple Lego vehicle, this video demonstrates the concepts of limiting friction, normal reaction, force direction, turning moment, center-of-gravity, and more.

Understanding what happens when multiple potentiometers are connected in parallel can be perplexing if you are a newbie to electronics.

Don’t be fooled by its name because TheAnalog covers anything and everything of a technological, engineering, and manufacturing nature.

The return-on-investment from learning just one thing that saves you hours of work and increases your productivity can be staggeringly impressive.

Can you resist using the NUKEMAP application to drop a virtual nuclear bomb on your hometown to see what the effect would be?