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Have you ever paused to consider how temptingly tasty electronic circuits would look if their components and copper tracks were mounted on a glass substrate?

I know we’re all tired of hearing about the coronavirus, but I’m also sure you’d like to hear some good news, and what could be better than virus-killing Welsh snoods?

This is the first in a series of articles that will introduce absolute beginners of all ages to electronics and microcontrollers using the Arduino. In this column, we say hello to voltage, current, and resistance.

QuickDAQ.mikroBUS is a development system that allows sensor I/O and Click boards to be effortlessly accessed with no programming required.

I've been bravely fighting my urges, but I'm a weak man and I can no longer restrain myself. I fear the time has come to build a NeoPixel (RGB LED)-powered ping pong ball display.

Perhaps we should regard coronavirus as a "test run" and start looking to the future, like having free drive through testing for any future pandemics.

While I wasn't looking, the little rascals at Xilinx went and introduced lidless packages and re-architected their entire suite of design and verification tools.

At one time in the history of our evolution, humanity was reduced to around only 600 individuals -- the ancestors of all 7.8 billion people on the Earth today.

I’m squirming in my seat fighting the desire to click the “Pledge” button. I fear the “Obsessed” or even the “Even More Obsessed” kits are singing their siren songs.

One mechanism that helped early internet users circumvent the lack of search engines was for like-minded people to join a web ring.

The Drifter flaunts two 8-inch f/5 primary mirrors that combine ultra-wide 30x views with the light-gathering ability of a 12 to 16-inch professional telescope.

I can only imagine the buzz this would generate amongst my techno-weenie friends. Do you think you could be tempted to one of these little scamps?