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In which, amongst myriad other things, we learn how to peel a microtonal banana (do not try this at home!)

Imagine that, while walking around, you ran across a mirror-like “portal” looking like a circular doorway into another world. What would you do?

“Imagine if P.T. Barnum went on Shark Tank and was coached by Tina Fey,” says Stacy Katz, game designer of What the What?! and CEO of Well Why Not Media.

In just two days as I pen these words, I will be celebrating my 100th Birthday (of course, this assumes we are employing the base-8 (octal) number system).

It was bad enough when only the walls had ears. It’s going to be far worse when everything has ears.

I recently created a thought-provoking dish. I saw it on the cover of a magazine at the supermarket checkout and was persuaded to partake.

I was just introduced to the most amazing miniature diorama of a meteor striking a skyscraper, all encapsulated in clear epoxy resin.

Do you want to be transformed into a 3D model? Do you think you have a choice? Google has plans that will either make you squeal in delight or shriek in despair.

Meet marvelous mechanical analogs of common electrical and electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and switches.

Don’t talk to me about the concept of “transactional ambiguity”! Well, you can if you want, but I won’t have any idea what you are talking about.

Be warned — this Cool Beans Blog is probably of interest only to the geekiest of geeks and the nerdiest of nerds — welcome, my peeps, to Max’s World!

I think these new displays are extraordinarily tasty. I already have ideas for something I can do using two of these boards. Can you guess what I’m thinking?