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With its 20,000 mAh capacity and 63 W capability, this bodacious beauty boasts three output ports that can charge three devices simultaneously.

Raise your hand if you’re in favor of embedding brain-machine interface (BMI) devices in our noggins to facilitate better communication with artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Now that an artificial intelligence (AI) has defeated a human pilot, it seems that the US is ahead of China and Russia with regard to military AI (Yay for us!).

I really hope that schools, colleges, and universities become aware of these Learning Cubicles and start deploying them as soon as possible.

Seeing some of the possible construction methods used to create electronic circuit sculptures has set my mind buzzing and my creative juices flowing.

What does the song "All things dull and ugly" have to do with time travel? Well, allow me to explicate, expound, and elucidate (don't worry -- I'm a professional).

Eeek Alors! We now have a cunning simulator that you can download and use to create and test programs to run on my 12 x 12 ping pong ball array!

Imagine ambling into a small town, heading to the nearest public house to blow the froth off a few cold beers, and hearing your AI whisper “...”

Making a person appear to say or do something they did not actually say or do has the potential to take the war of disinformation to a whole new level.

Are you working from home under lockdown from the coronavirus? Are you going nuts? If so, maybe this free 2020 NuttX Online Workshop is for you.

I love the clickety-clackety sounds of split flap displays, but -- in the case of this kinetic clock -- I’m enthralled by its sedately silent revolutions and evolutions.

Would you believe that the clever Victorians had incredibly cunning 21-segment incandescent lamp-based displays as far back as 1898?