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While I wasn't looking, the little rascals at Xilinx went and introduced lidless packages and re-architected their entire suite of design and verification tools.

At one time in the history of our evolution, humanity was reduced to around only 600 individuals -- the ancestors of all 7.8 billion people on the Earth today.

I’m squirming in my seat fighting the desire to click the “Pledge” button. I fear the “Obsessed” or even the “Even More Obsessed” kits are singing their siren songs.

One mechanism that helped early internet users circumvent the lack of search engines was for like-minded people to join a web ring.

The Drifter flaunts two 8-inch f/5 primary mirrors that combine ultra-wide 30x views with the light-gathering ability of a 12 to 16-inch professional telescope.

I can only imagine the buzz this would generate amongst my techno-weenie friends. Do you think you could be tempted to one of these little scamps?

I was just introduced to a new theory that may explain how and why (or why and how) life exists. Finally, we may understand the awesomeness that is me.

The MSGEQ7 8-pin dual in-line (DIL) integrated circuit accepts an audio stream as input and splits it into seven different "frequency buckets."

Using 144 7-segment displays powered by an Arduino Nano, and employing a rather cunning font, this clock is bound to attract attention.

Although I've been exposed to some amazing things in academic and research settings, I can't recall seeing anything this versatile in the public domain.

If you are a whizz at waveforms vis-à-vis bells of a totally tubular persuasion, then any light you can shed on this subject would be very gratefully received.

One of my chums just pointed me at a rather cool website that shows you how to write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. How could I resist?