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The retro steampunk nature of the electromechanical split-flap display is hard to beat.

My uncle Bing was an exceptionally talented artist who was periodically consumed by enthusiasms and interests.

BEWARE! The Hackaday.io website is a rabbit hole that’s easy to fall into but hard to dig your way out of.

Most people wouldn’t believe the variety of rounding algorithms that can be employed by different applications.

“There are many units of temperature, some arguably as useless as unknown.”

If you visit the DUST Channel on YouTube, you will be presented with a cornucopia of incredibly good science fiction shorts.

Think you understand Celsius and Fahrenheit? I bet this blog will contain a few surprises.

Eeek! The population of the world is expected to rise to 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100.

Now I have the song “Blinded by the Light” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band rattling around my noggin.

The most complex of the Platonic solids is the icosahedron with twenty triangular faces.

As Richard Dawkins once said, “The solution often turns out to be more beautiful than the puzzle.”

The first “thing” on the IoT actually predated the IoT moniker by almost two decades.