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Many of these sayings were already known to me, but there are a lot I’ve never heard before.

Dangers of 5G. Thousands of satellites. Radio controlled birds. Smartphones spying on us. And much, much more.

“Ey up” is a cheery multi-purpose greeting that basically means “Hello” and “Hi there” and “How are you?” and “How’s things?” all rolled into one.

In addition to playing retro games, THEC64 allows you to write your own programs in C64 or VIC 20 BASIC.

At the third stroke of midnight on 30 September 2019, Australia’s talking clock fell silent.

In a crisis situation, I would be hard-pushed to articulate the differences between an adage, an aphorism, an apophthegm, and a proverb.

As I always say, “Show me a flashing LED and I’ll show you a man drooling.” Well, the same thing applies to animatronic eyes.

The retro steampunk nature of the electromechanical split-flap display is hard to beat.

My uncle Bing was an exceptionally talented artist who was periodically consumed by enthusiasms and interests.

BEWARE! The Hackaday.io website is a rabbit hole that’s easy to fall into but hard to dig your way out of.

Most people wouldn’t believe the variety of rounding algorithms that can be employed by different applications.

“There are many units of temperature, some arguably as useless as unknown.”