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As you may or may not know, my chum, Joe Farr, and I are currently in the process of designing and building the Maxfield-Farr 4-bit HRRG Computer; this column describes the current state of play.

It’s 50 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I was 12 years old and I watched the landing on TV with my dad. I still remember Neil uttering the words, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has Landed.”

Sometimes it’s nice for your microcontroller-based hobby projects to be able to display text on a screen. If you are using a low-power microcontroller, a VT100 emulator on a chip may be just the solution you are looking for.

I have a friend who has been going through some trying times. Thus, for several months now, I’ve commenced each day by sending him a short text explaining why that day is the “Best Day Ever.”