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If you could go back in time and “do it all again,” is there anything in particular you would record in words or photos?

I just saw the rather interesting Single Rotor “Ball” Drone Mk II DIY project over on MAKE Magazine.

It’s fair to say that there are some funny bits, some gross bits, and some scary bits (and a lot more gross bits and quite a few more scary bits).

As far as I’m concerned, for anyone who works with SMD components, purchasing a set of these smart tweezers is a no-brainer.

Could it be that the reason we don’t see alien civilizations colonizing the galaxy is that they first created their own version of robot dogs?

As I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m a digital logic engineer at heart and I tend to find the wibbly-wobbly nature of analog signals to be a tad disquieting.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” as the old saying goes. Fortunately, you know me, and I know all sorts of weird and wonderful people.

The creators of this VR world say you will be able to work, make money, have fun, network and make new friends, and maybe even find love.

Antique analog meters can be used to display all sorts of useful information, but it’s rare to see one that simply says “WRONG”.

When placed only 9” from a wall, this small but clever little scamp projects up to a 100” diagonal display on that wall. I want that 100” display!

Google is using AI to design its next Generation of AI chips. I can’t help but think, “Hmmm. AI designing AI — what could possibly go wrong?”

In this 2nd of a 4-webinar series, I will be joined by four industry luminaries to discuss the future of IoT software development with regard to AI and IoT Innovation.