I think it’s fair to say that I’ve seen more zombie apocalypse films and read more zombie apocalypse books than is good for me.

Many of these tales have been set in England or America, with a few other countries occasionally making an appearance. However, it just now struck me that I’ve never really thought about zombies in the context of Canada, or vice versa.

The reason this situation has changed is that I just received an email from a reader we will call Alex (because that’s his name) pointing to one of my blogs from those far off times we used to call 2020 on the topic of Learning Cubicles Keep Kids Safe.

Canadian Zombies, Eh? (Click image to see a larger version)

In that blog, I noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had a guide that addressed being prepared for the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, as Alex informed me, this link is no longer active (sad face). On the bright side, I discovered some new links on the CDC site to a Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic Pamphlet and Poster (happy face).

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. The reason for this blog is that Alex also pointed me to an updated Zombie Apocalypse 2022 article. In addition to instructions on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse in general, this article details the best and worst places for surviving a zombie apocalypse in Canada.

As we are informed, this was based on analysis of the various Canadian territories according to three criteria: population density, fresh water sources, and military bases\fortified buildings where survivors might hide.

All I can say is that my cousins who live in Edmonton, Alberta, are going to be less than pleased to hear that they have only a 50% expected survival rate.

Now I’m wondering if anyone has performed an equivalent analysis on the USA because it would be nice to know in which direction I should run if the balloon goes up, as it were. How about you? Are you prepared?