Well, there I was, a happy little camper with not a care in the world and not a thought in my head. Furthermore, out of all the thoughts that weren’t in my head, the one at the top was how temptingly tasty electronic circuits would look if their components and copper tracks were mounted on a glass substrate.

And then, while I was basking in the glow of thinking about nothing (now I’m thinking of the song “I’m busy doing nothing”), my chum – the nefarious James “Chewy” Vroman sent me a link to a Creating Easy Glass Circuit Boards at Home article on Instructables.com. As we see in this video, the result is really rather cool.


Admittedly, the Silhouette Cutter recommended in the article is a tad expensive at just shy of $300, but that’s really not so bad if you were to split it with a friend or to buy it as a group, and to then amortize the cost across multiple projects.

I can easily see using this to build little credit card-size circuits – perhaps business card-size circuits for extra-special potential customers one really wanted to impress. In my case, of course, I find it hard to restrain myself to “little” projects. In fact, the word “little” (like so many other words) isn’t in my vocabulary. I’m imagining a large 4’ x 3’ (or even a 5’ x 4’) picture-size piece, festooned with surface-mount logic chips and replete with tri-color LEDs, fabulously framed and magnificently mounted on the wall of my office.

How about you? Could you be tempted to dabble in electronic circuits realized on sheets of glass?