Wow, it seems like only a couple of week’s ago that I was presenting at the Online Embedded Conference, but — now I come to think about it — that auspicious occasion took place in May 2020, which is four months back in the rear-view mirror of my life (“Events may seem closer than they really are”).

The exciting news is that the folks at DSP Related and the guys and gals at the Beningo Embedded Group are hosting the very first DSP Online Conference this week as I pen these words on Thursday/Friday 25/26 September 2020.

I was just skimming through what looks to be 27 talks with associated presenters. If you are at all interested in DSP, then this is the place to “see and be seen.” The very first talk, “Pragmatic Methods to Decide Filter Requirements” by Chris Bore immediately caught my eye, closely followed by “Signal Processing in Vibration Analysis” by Christophe Blouet and “Spectrometer Signal Processing Systems for NASA Space Applications” by Dr. Damon Bradley.

Oooh! Oooh! I just saw “Demystifying Beamformers” by Paul Beckmann. I’ve always been mystified by these little scamps, so this one looks like a “must see” to me.

In reality, there’s something for everyone here. Plus, if you can’t attend the live portion of the event, or if you miss one of the talks you really wanted to see, registered attendees will be able to access all of the talks “on-demand” for one full year following the conference.

Remembering that attending a physical conference can easily cost $2,000 (with travel and hotel expenses on top of that), and attending training sessions can easily cost $400 a day or more, the DSP Online Conference is an amazingly good deal for only $90 (students pay only $20 if they use the promo code DSPSTUDENT on the registration form). So, don’t delay, register today!