One of my favorite science fiction authors is Robert Heinlen. In addition to his novels intended for adult readers, I really like the 12 books that have come to be known as the Heinlein juveniles.

In Citizen of the Galaxy, our hero, Thorby, starts off as a slave, rises to the station of beggar, and eventually ends up as the lowest of the low on a Starship.

When Thorby is first shown to his tiny cabin on the Starship, he assumes it’s empty. It’s only when one of the other members of the crew takes pity on him that he discovers it’s packed with hidden assets (bed, chair, table, etc.), sort of like a Murphy bed on steroids.

This immediately reminded me of those incredible expandable circular wooden table constructions, like the one shown in this video.

I’d love to make something like this. I’ll have to talk to my friend, Carpenter Bob, who guided me in making a Welsh Dresser for my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) a couple of years ago.

The reason for my current cogitations is that I just ran across an amazing video snippet on LinkedIn (I hope you are a member, or that you can see it without being a member). This video shows all sorts of innovative space-saving and/or multi-function furniture.

Now my head is spinning with ideas of my own. How about you, do you have any thoughts or links to furniture-related videos you’d care to share?