I was just posting a link to a column on LinkedIn when I saw an interesting post from a guy called Florian Palatini. This post contained an awesome video of innovative and interesting exercises for older people based on cheap-and-cheerful everyday objects (I hope you can watch this video without having to be a member of LinkedIn).

Innovative exercises for older people (Click image to see a larger version)

As the post notes, credit for all these creative games goes to Joël Kruisselbrink. He also offers a playbox with materials via www.bewegenisleven.nl (you can select the language for this website using the pull-down menu in the yellow banner at the top of the screen).

I don’t know about you, but I’ve visited too many older people trapped in boring facilities. Too often, the only level of stimulation available is provided by the sort of soul-destroying canned music one hears in elevators and supermarkets.

I don’t plan on getting old myself (I’m far too busy and there are too many things I still want to do). But if I ever do grow old by mistake, and if I’m destined to end up in a care home, then I can only hope for one that offers this sort of fun and stimulation. What say you?