Although I understand how easy it is to get caught up in my chum John’s 30-day build of his LEGO Ultimate A-Wing Starfighter model from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, I don’t want you to miss all of the other cool stuff that’s being posted on the Cool Beans Blog, such as today’s column on Stern-Brocot Trees and Victorian Displays and yesterday’s article on Wilberforce Pendulums and Wiffletree Converters.

Other recent blogs of interest include Three Men in a Boat, Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer, Giant Robot Chickens, Vacuum Tube 555 Timers, Lusciously Lovely Logarithmic Gears, and Great Balls of Mechatronic Fire!

And let’s not neglect the classics like Electromechanical Penguin Displays, Sending a Message Through Time, Robinson, Goldberg, and Steampunk Meet Beer and Cucumbers, and Tactical Nuclear Penguins, to name but a few.

The front wings are finished! (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: John Alflat)

But I fear we’ve digressed. John’s message accompanying today’s photo was as follows: “The front wings have been finished, yay! We’ve now moved to the section behind the cockpit, and this part really does eat up the instructions. It’s all great fun though as this is all ‘proper’ LEGO.”

John went on to say, “Yesterday was also good fun with it being May the 4th (“May the Force”), the new cartoon series didn’t disappoint, and Disney threw in a couple of other specials too. I’ve also got my next project lined up, but before then it’s back to the current project. I think I’m going to really enjoy these last few days on it.”

Well, that’s all for today, because I just looked at my schedule and I see the next hour is blocked out for me to spend running around in ever-decreasing circles shouting, “Don’t Panic!” How about you? Do you have any thoughts or comments you’d care to share?