I’m still daydreaming about how wonderful it would be to win the online auction for a seat on the flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship later this year (see Yours Truly in Space on 20 July 2021?). I know my measly $100 bid doesn’t stand a chance, but that doesn’t stop me fantasizing about it.

So, we now find ourselves on day 25 of my chum John’s 30-day build of his LEGO Ultimate A-Wing Starfighter, which means we’re 5/6 of the way to the finishing post with only one more week to go.

We have a fin! (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: John Alflat)

In his email to me, John shared the following words of wisdom to accompany today’s photo: “We have a fin (not a Fin but a fin) and it can rotate inwards, woo-hoo! So, after the coming weekend, the other fin will be completed as we count our way down to the final day.”

Following on from our Day 24 build blog in which I posed the question, “Hang on, where’s the pilot?” John continued to say, “There is a pilot to come although he will not be seen in the cockpit. ‘Why?’ I hear you scream. Well, he’s one of LEGO’s mini figures and is therefore the wrong scale. Have a good weekend everyone.”

What? I don’t understand. Is John saying that the kit came with a pilot figurine of the wrong scale, or that the kit came without a pilot and the one he happens to have is the wrong scale, or… my head hurts.

Speaking of roasted root vegetables… What do you mean when you say, “but we weren’t speaking of roasted root vegetables”? We are now, so I win. Yesterday evening, my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) prepared an awesome side-dish featuring roasted radishes, parsnips, turnips, and carrots. I texted my chum Bob (pronounced the usual way with a silent ‘q’) to say, “Roasted radishes for supper — these are the best roasted radishes I’ve had all day!”

Bob responded, “Sounds awful!” (He’s a man of few words, but he likes to make each one count.)

I replied, “They actually taste really good. I’m no longer a roasted radish virgin.” When I brought Gina up to date with this conversation, she replied, “I’ve popped your radish,” and wandered off chuckling to herself. I’m assuming this is what passes for American humor.

I brought some of this magnificent mix into work today to provide Bob with a tempting nibble. It has to be admitted that he was a reluctant participant in this experiment, but once he tasted his first bite of roasted radish he exclaimed in surprised tones, “Hey, this is really good!” I rest my radish.