Developments are afoot with regard to my chum John’s build of the LEGO Ultimate A-Wing Starfighter model from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. (Writing this — the ‘afoot’ part — just reminded me of one of the old Goon Show episodes on the radio where one of the characters (Bluebottle?) says “What’s afoot?” and another character (Eccles?) responds, “It’s a dirty smelly thing on the end of your leg!” You had to be there…)

The cockpit evolves (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: John Alflat)

Accompanying today’s photo was a message from John saying, “It was all front-end work today getting the bonnet [‘hood’ in American English] sorted from the inside out. This is all structural work and, once again, it’s leaving voids. I’m getting through a lot of pieces in each set of 19 instructions. Slowly, but surely, things are taking shape. If the void remains at the back, I’ll be tempted to put something in there. I’ve no idea what, so any suggestions would be welcome.”

Hmmm, interesting. I’m thinking of a small piece of paper containing a little message to some unknown person who might dismantle or partially disassemble this model for some unspecified purpose at some unknown time in the future. It could be John’s great-great-great-grandson or great-great-great-granddaughter, for example.

I know that I read and watch way too much science fiction, but now I’m thinking of someone working in a museum thousands of years in the future who is tasked with restoring this newly discovered model for a major exhibit at the world-famous Maxsonian Museum of Art and Technology. Imagine their surprise, delight, and awe to discover a message penned by the original model builder deep in the mists of time.

How about you? Do you have any other suggestions for a small item John could secrete* in his little void (remember that it’s not the size of your void, it’s what you do with it that counts)?

*I use the word ‘secrete’ only in its “stow-stash-hide-conceal” sense and not with any “exude-ooze-squirt” connotation, although the latter reminds me of the scenes in the apocalyptic horror story discussed in my recent Sweet Home and Flutter Flyers blog.