Good grief, Charlie Brown — there’s so much happening at the moment that I don’t know where to start. Actually, now that I come to think about things, that’s not true because I just remembered that, earlier today, I posted a rather cool video showing my 12×12 ping pong ball array running Conway’s Game of Life (GOL) with randomly seeded universes.

Also, my chum Aubrey Kagan emailed me to say: “Hi Max, do you remember that column I wrote for you on unusual connectors? Well, here is a new (magnetic) connector that I could add to the list. This is one of those obvious solutions that I should have come up with!”

Meanwhile, my chum Jay Dowling sent me a message to alert me to the fact that IBM has created the first chip at the 2 nm process node (there are some interesting discussions as to what we actually mean by “2 nm” in this context).

And then my chum Alvin Brown emailed me to make me aware that engineers at Duke University have developed the world’s first fully recyclable printed electronics.

Can life get any better than this? Well, yes it can because my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) just sent me a link to an article dangling 23 Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers under my nose, as it were. Oooh! Bacon-wrapped pesto pork tenderloin, bacon water chestnut wraps, apricot-glazed bacon spirals, mushroom bacon bites, bacon-wrapped scallops with pear sauce… the list goes on, but I fear I’m now drooling too much to keep on typing.

What say you? Out of all the items presented in this blog, which do you find to be the yummiest and scrummiest?