If your company is based in (or near) Huntsville, Alabama, USA, and if you are in desperate need of a crackerjack program manager to instigate a new project or rescue an existing project that is spiraling out of control, then I am in a position to put a smile on your face (it’s just one more service I offer).

As I wrote in my column, Helping Sandia National Laboratories Reach Nirvana, I wasn’t really aware of all that program management entailed until I saw how it helped us (the underdog) to achieve what many thought to be impossible. As my friend David Toombs said: “While we were expected to lose, no one told us we could not win.”

Also, as I wrote in my blog, There’s a New Sheriff in Town: “If you are a newly minted project manager yourself, this might be a good time to dispatch your butler to retrieve your brown corduroy trousers because a survey shows that more than 90% of project managers have been obliged to take over a project that is already in progress.”

So, returning to the question posed in the title of this piece, if you find yourself in need of a crackerjack program manager—especially one who has rescued projects in the past—then I know just the man.

In addition to a BS degree in Computer Science and an MS degree in Artificial Intelligence, my friend has decades of experience as Chief Engineer, Project Lead, Program Manager, Technical Director, and Program Execution Director at companies whose household names shall remain unspoken (to protect the innocent).

My chum tells me he feels the time is ripe for him to explore new challenges. So, if you are interested in learning more and discussing things with him, drop me an email at max@clivemaxfield.com or send me a message via linkedin.com/in/clivemaxfield and I will be delighted to introduce you to the answer to all your program management problems.