I have much on my mind at the moment — coding conundrums, family festivals, and writing whatnots, to name but a few — so it’s unfortunate that I keep on being presented with nuggets of knowledge, tidbits of trivia, and things that make me exclaim “Ooh, Shiny!”

For example, my chum Alvin Brown just pointed me at at article regarding A Kinetic Sculpture Built from over 600 Parts Gracefully Imitates a Swimming Sea Turtle. As we see in this video, this little rascal (the turtle, not Alvin), which was created by Derek Hugger, mimics the motion of a sea turtle gliding through the ocean.

I don’t know about you, but I could sit and watch this for hours. In fact, the plans for you to build your own turtle are available for $89, which I think is a bargain considering all the work Derek put into creating this bodacious beauty.

I was still mulling this over in (what I laughingly call) my mind when my chum Jay Dowling pointed me at a video that tells the tortuous tale of How the Most Expensive Nannies in the World Train.

In addition to looking after the children in their charge, these Norland Nannies — who can command a salary of $170,000 on a bad day — are trained in skills like self-defense and defensive driving (think Mary Poppins channeling James Bond).

I seem to have a Queen song rattling around in my head. Can you guess what song that might be? Now, what was it that I was supposed to be doing…?