I’m so far behind that I can see myself in the distance. For example, I’ve been meaning to post a brief blog on this topic for more yonks than I care to remember.

So, here it is in a nutshell. My chum Glenn Kirilow, who hails from Down Under and basks under the antipodean sun, has created an Electronics Engineering website called theEEview that he describes as being: “Chock full of courses to be released in the near future on Analog Electronics, Embedded Software, and FPGAs, as well as blog posts.”

I’ve long wanted to create a site like this myself. I love teaching this sort of thing and I find it really rewarding when students wrap their brains around something. I remember once giving a live presentation on fundamental electronics to a bunch of printed circuit board (PCB) designers. I had explained the functionality of NOT, AND, and NAND gates and shown their symbols, and then I said that one way to visualize a NAND gate is to start with an AND gate followed by a NOT gate, and then push the NOT gate symbol back into the AND gate until only its “bobble” (or bubble) — the small circle on the output — remains visible. I heard a delighted voice at the back of the audience cry out, “So THAT’S what it means!”

I think that Glenn has set himself a task that will keep him busy for many years to come, and I look forward to seeing how his site and courses evolve over time. How about you? Can you suggest any topics for future courses for Glenn to cover?