I can’t recall when I first saw this video announcing the development of the now-legendary Turbo Encabulator.

As one of the commenters noted: “Fun fact: While we still call them ‘encabulators’ today, modern encabulation machines actually operate through a series of hypermodal undulative quantum matricies, technically making them aptoregressive chirality de-unencabulators. Most people will never notice the difference, of course, as any locambulatory feedback is re-routed through the primary polycyclic encaptolography shaft, effectively eliminating nearly all percieved relative phase eddies. Truly ingenious.”

Of course, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” as the old saying goes. This explains why many other Encabulator’s were introduced over the years. Until recently, if you’d asked me, I would have said that the state-of-the-art was as depicted in this classic video of the Rockwell Retro Encabulator.

As one of the commenters to this masterpiece said: “It’s so cool to see that now fluorescence score motion can be produced by the dingle arm. I remember back in the day before the dingle arm, you had to manually crank the cardofabulator while pumping the dual trimodial balancer (thus requiring two operators) to produce fluorescence score motion. If the two operators weren’t perfectly in sync, you could blow the bilateral porfaspring. Believe me fixing the bilateral porfaspring was a huge pain in the ass AND if you didn’t fix the bilateral porfaspring correctly you would wind up getting a fluorescence score motion that was too high in dilated magnosense and end up with a low bligofentic output. The dingle arm is a true lifesaver!”

And then, just when I was least expecting it, my friend Aubrey Kagan sent me the link to this awesome video of the latest and greatest in 21st Century encabulation technology—the next transubstantiation of encabulation, as it were—the SANS ICS Hyper Encabulator.

As one commenter commented: “I can scarcely believe the level of encabulation that we have achieved. What an age to live in.” Another commenter noted: “This literally answered all questions I had about encabulation, and they even included a piece about side-fumbling! Impressive, this product will take humanity into the next age.”

I don’t think any of us would argue with these sentiments. How about you? Have you seen any other examples of encabulation that you would care to share with the rest of us?