My chum Jay Dowling just made me drool with desire when he sent me a link to the JMGO 01 Pro Ultra-Short Throw Smart LED Projector on Indiegogo.

In turn, this led me to this video on YouTube showing the projector in all its glory. What we are talking about here is a small box placed only 9” from a wall that projects up to a 100” diagonal display on that wall.

The “smart” part of this device’s moniker makes its presence felt in multiple ways, such as detecting when the box is slightly twisted, or the wall is non-true, and correcting the projection to result in a perfectly rectangular image. Also, automatically detecting the wall’s “color temperature” and correcting so as to maintain the original colors of the movie. Also, gesture detection to control volume and speed. Also, … but I’ll leave you to watch the video.

One of the problems I’ve run into with projectors in the past is that, in addition to their size, it’s a pain when someone walks between the projector and the wall. That’s not going to happen when the projector and wall are only 9” apart. Furthermore, according to the questions and answers in the YouTube video’s comments, it will also be possible to mount this projector on the ceiling, which would make it about as unobtrusive as you can get.

Is all this too good to be true? Well, apart from the tweeness of the video itself, the creators of this bodacious beauty say that it was co-engineered with the guys and gals at Leica on the image processing front, and — knowing big companies as I do — I find it hard to believe that Leica would give permission to use their name without being pretty darned confident that they wouldn’t be left with egg on their corporate faces.

Personally, I’d love to give this a whirl, especially if someone else was paying for it (call me “old fashioned” if you will). How about you? Do you find this as tasty as do I?