I’m afraid I’m rather rushed for time at the moment, so — although it pains me to say so — I’ll be brief.

I’ve mentioned the aptly named Nick Bild on a number of occasions (see Would You Like an Apple 1 Computer? and Magic Rings of Homegrown Computers and Tension Mounts as Sensor Smackdown Looms).

Custom Commodore 64 smartwatch (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: Nick Bild)

As you may recall, Nick is the creator of the Vectron 64, which is a custom-built, general purpose, programmable, breadboard-based, 6502-based computer and operating system.

As you may also recall, I’m a big fan of the Commodore 64 (see Speaking in [Archaic] Tongues (BASIC) and AWBOS (A Whole Bunch of Stuff) and Commodore 64-Based Bass Guitar and Meet the World’s Fastest Commodore 64).

Well, the reason for my waffling is that I just received an email from my chum Jay Dowling. The subject line of Jay’s email was the title of this column — Watch Out! — while the body of the message was a link to a column on Gizmodo: I’m Lusting After This Custom Commodore 64 Smartwatch That Lets You Code in BASIC Right on Your Wrist.

Of course, I immediately bounced over to Gizmodo (which isn’t something you expect to hear yourself say every day) to discover that this bodacious beauty is yet another awesome creation from the fabled foundries of Nick Bild.

I’ll leave you to peruse and ponder the article while I gnash my teeth, rend my garb, and cry to the heavens: “Is there nothing the nefarious Nick Bild cannot build?”