Well, I have to say that, when I woke up this morning, the last thing on what I laughingly call “my mind” was the thought of an electric treadmill walking bicycle. To be honest, I’d never even heard of such a thing, and then I ran headfirst into the Lopifit website.

As we see in this video, the Lopifit — which is manufactured, assembled, and imported from the bicycle capital of the world (the Netherlands) — provides an interesting combination of a treadmill and a walking bicycle.


While you are strolling at a comfortable 3 miles per hour (mph), you can actually be travelling from one place to another at a brisk 20 mph. In my case, I like walking, but I’m easily bored, so a Lopifit would be ideal for me to take some exercise while zipping around our local neighborhood seeing what there was to be seen. Meanwhile, for those who live in a bicycle-friendly city, a Lopifit would be an ideal way to get some exercise while travelling to and from work.

There’s a bunch more videos to peruse and ponder on the Lopifit website. Meanwhile, I’m trying to work out how to persuade someone rich and famous to buy me one for my forthcoming birthday, because — although I really, really want one of these — the $2,895 price tag is a little rich for my blood. How about you? Could you be tempted to splash the cash for one of these bodacious beauties?