Recently, I’ve been thinking about buying a new bicycle because I could do with the exercise. I really should return to learning to ride my off-road unicycle, but I’m starting to think that’s more of a younger man’s game.

Ideally, I’d like something that would stand out in the crowd and separate me from the herds of cyclists that roam around our neighborhood.

There’s an old saying that tells us: “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” Apparently, an engineer called Sergii Gordieiev failed to receive the memo about this. My chum Jay Dowling just sent me a link to this video that shows Sergii reinventing the wheel like an Olympic champion.

As one commenter said: “You really are the personification of ‘Trust me, I’m an engineer!’” But I think it was another reviewer who really nailed things as follows:

Everyone: “You can’t reinvent the wheel.”

This guy:   “Hold my beer!”

Of course, watching this caused me to wander off into the weeds looking at a weird and wonderful collection of wheeled implementations. How about you? Do you have a favorite bicycle-inspired video you’d care to share?