Like most folks, we receive spam emails and we donít like it, so we understand your concern for privacy and security. Thus, if you decide to ask us to add you to our news list (so we can inform you when a new release of the software or additional subroutines become available, for example) or even if you are simply browsing our website, we want to you to be comfortable with our privacy practices, which are as discussed below.

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What Information is Collected?
If you are simply browsing our website, then no information is collected whatsoever. If you ask us to add you to our news list, we will require your email address. Additionally, we would like to know which country you are from, but this is purely for our personal interest and you donít have to give us this information if you donít want to.

What About Cookies?
No problem, because we donít use them.

Who Is Collecting This Information?
Just Max and Alvin Ė the authors of the book How Computers Do Math and the creators of the DIY Calculator

How Will The Information Be Used?
As noted above, the only information we actually collect is when you ask us to add you to our news list. The only information we actually need is your email address, which we will use to let you know when anything new or interesting happens. If you also decide to tell us which country you are from, we use this information to stick a pin on a map of the world on our office wall so that we can see where the DIY Calculator is being used.

With Whom Do We Share This Information?
We don't share this information with anyone Ė it's that simple.

More Questions?
If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy (or anything else), please feel free to email us as noted on our About/Contact Us page.