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Helping Engineers Become Better Communicators

How do you know if an engineer is an extrovert? The answer, of course, is that when they are talking to you, engineers who are extroverts will look at *your* shoes rather than their own.

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Well, it’s been a funny old day and no mistake. No sooner had my bottom landed in my command chair in the Pleasure Dome (my office) than the phone started to ring. Caller ID showed the call to be coming from the home of my 90-year-old mother in the UK. My heart stopped. I FaceTime her every morning as soon as I’ve checked my email and fought any fires, so what could this call portend? As it happened, she just wanted to tell me not to FaceTime her because it was a sunny day and she was going out for a walk. Give me strength — I’m too young for all of this excitement. So I returned to my email to discover a message from my chum, Cyber Security Engineer Jaime Villela, telling me that his video interview with me had been posted on his Software Speakers blog. Jaime is on a mission to help engineers become better communicators. As part of this, he’s decided to create a series of video interviews with engineers who are communicators, so — foolishly, perhaps — he decided to start with yours truly in his Interviewing Clive “Max” Maxfield column.  
The problem for Jaime is that I have no problem communicating whatsoever. Much like my dear old mother, the real trick is to get us to stop communicating. Thus, in addition to waffling on about engineering-related topics, I fear I spent a lot of time babbling on about random “stuff,” including stories about my family. I emailed mom to let her know Jaime had posted the video. A couple of hours later she emailed me back to say, “It was very interesting.” I couldn’t help myself. I responded, “Of course you think it’s interesting — most of it was about you!” Anyway, it would be great if you could find the time to take a look and then email Jaime (jaime@softwarespeakers.com) to tell him what a wonderful interview it was and how you would love to hear more 🙂

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John Weiss

Ee bah gum, Lad! I love your old stories.

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