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Kunning Kool Kinetic Klock

I love the clickety-clackety sounds of split flap displays, but — in the case of this kinetic clock — I’m enthralled by its sedately silent revolutions and evolutions.

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It’s not fair. I simply cannot catch a break. I also cannot finish one hobby project before being lured into commencing another. Just yesterday, for example, I penned my Resurrecting 21-Segment Victorian Displays column. What I didn’t say in that piece was that my chum Steve Manley has already ordered thirty of his 21-segment PCBs — ten each for our friend Paul, Steve himself, and yours truly. I was happily working on the design for the brass mask for my Victorian display when the publisher of Practical Electronics magazine in the UK sent me an email with the subject line “This, you will love!” The body of the email contained naught but a link to this video on YouTube.  
Now, in the case of split flap displays, I love the frantic clickety-clackety sounds they make as they transition to new values. By comparison, in the case of this kinetic clock, I’m enthralled by its sedately silent revolutions and evolutions. Surely no one could begrudge me a little 6 x 6 array of these little scamps. What say you? Are you as beguiled as your humble narrator, and could you be tempted to construct one of these little rascals for your own amusement?

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Aubrey Kagan

I reckon if you weren’t crazy when you start writing the algorithm you will be by the end!

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