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Old, Rich, Alone in the World?

If you said “Yes” to two of the items in the title of this blog — specifically the last two — then read on…

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I was chatting with my chum Adam Taylor just a couple of minutes ago as I pen these words. Adam and I have been working on a trio, triad, or troika, if you will, of blogs aimed at newcomers to the engineering profession in which we discuss how to get a job in engineering and — once you have one — how to keep it (please take a look at Part 1 and tell me what you think). During our rambling conversation, the topic of Christmas presents for our spouses came up. I may have casually mentioned that I’m currently in the process of building a faithful recreation of an 1820 Welsh Dresser for my wife (Gina the Gorgeous). (“Ha! Top that!” I thought.) I also noted that this bodacious beauty is going to boast a number of secret compartments containing interesting things, including my last will and testament. This led Adam to comment that there may well be a substantial number of old, rich engineers roaming around the world, many lacking any family members to whom they can leave their stash of cash. Adam mentioned one engineering acquaintance in particular who has millions of UK pounds at his disposal but no remaining family. (With regard to being married, Adam says his friend is fond of commenting that he “never made the same mistake once.”) Adam went on to note that his friend’s only recourse is to spend his money frivolously and furiously or leave it to charity. The scary thing is that, if you don’t specify what you want to happen to your estate and there’s no one to claim it, then the government will snaffle the lot and — knowing governments as we do — fritter it away on things you would doubtless disapprove. Adam says that it would be nice if these older engineers could leave their assets to benefit younger members of the profession who need the support. I totally agree and, opportunely, I have a sagacious suggestion. Like all engineers, I’m a problem solver at heart and — in this case — the solution seems self-evident. I’m a younger engineer (at least, compared to an older one) and I am sorely lacking lucre, so I’m prepared to selflessly offer myself as a recipient. Should any surprise bequests come my way, I promise to give them a good home and to do my best to spread the joy. In conclusion, to any qualifying (old, rich, etc.) engineers out there, I’ve done my part by writing this blog, so the metaphysical “boing” sound you hear is the metaphorical ball landing on your side of the court. Over to you…

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It’s possible that I might someday find myself in the old, rich engineer category. Unfortunately for you,I suspect that if such a thing comes to pass it is likely to be a couple decades in the future which will not help your current circumstances.

On the other hand, there is the president and founder of the company I work for who recently gave a very generous donation to a high school to promote STEM learning.

Charles Pfeil

Thomas, a 70 year old, extremely wealthy widower shows up at the country club with an absolutely gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25 year old brunette.
She hangs onto his arm and listens intently to his every word.
His usual playing partners and fellow members of the club are baffled and shocked.
At the very first chance, they corner him and ask, “Thomas, how did you get the amazing trophy girlfriend?”
To which he replies, “Girlfriend? Hell, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my wife!”
Disbelieving Thomas, they ask, “So, how did you persuade her to marry you?”
“I lied about my age”, he replies.
“What, did you tell her you were only 50?”
Thomas smiles and says, “Nope, I told her I was 90.”

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