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Super-Cool Circuit Sculpture Competition

Seeing some of the possible construction methods used to create electronic circuit sculptures has set my mind buzzing and my creative juices flowing.

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I just saw that the folks at Hackaday have launched their 2020 Circuit Sculpture Challenge, which runs from 9:00 a.m. PDT 18 August 2020 through 12:00 p.m. PST 10 November 2020 (the little scamps have even provided this handy-dandy countdown timer for our delectation and delight).
Flywire electronic circuit sculptures by Mohit Bhoite featured on Hackaday (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: Mohit Bhoite)
It seems like the main rules are (a) that these sculptures must be powered by some means (batteries, wall power, solar power, motion, etc.) and (b) they must do something when powered on. Apart from that, Bob’s your uncle (or aunt, depending on your family dynamic). My understanding is that you can use any form of construction you like, including the Cordwood and Manhattan techniques. My favorite style, however, is the flywire approach. Actually, I’m not too sure of the terminology here. Should this be “flywire” or “fly-wire”? I’ve also called this technique “air-wire” in the past. Whatever, a master of this form of construction is Mohit Bhoite, whose work is often featured on Hackaday. I tell you; this has set my mind buzzing and my creative juices flowing (fortunately, I have a roll of paper towel to hand). So, how about you? Do you think you could be tempted to enter this competition?

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This sounds like fun! Now If I can only find the time to build something….

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