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Swimming to Antarctica with the NuttX RTOS

Are you working from home under lockdown from the coronavirus? Are you going nuts? If so, maybe this free 2020 NuttX Online Workshop is for you.

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Schedule for the 2020 NuttX Online Workshop (Click image to see a larger version)
Way back in the mists of time we used to call 2017, my chum Alan Carvalho de Assis introduced me to the NuttX real-time operating system (RTOS). He even went to far as to write a column — What is the NuttX RTOS and why should you care? — which we hosted on Embedded.com. So, just what is NuttX? Well, I’m happy you asked, because the Wikipedia summarizes things nicely as follows:
NuttX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) with an emphasis on technical standards compliance and small size. Scalable from 8-bit to 64-bit microcontroller environments, the main governing standards in NuttX are from the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Further standard application programming interfaces (APIs) from Unix and other common RTOSes (such as VxWorks) are adopted for functions unavailable under these standards, or inappropriate for deeply embedded environments, such as a fork. NuttX was first released in 2007 by Gregory Nutt as free and open-source software under the permissive BSD license. It is currently undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation.
The reason I’m waffling on about this here is that Alan just emailed me to say there’s going to be a free NuttX Online Workshop, which will take place on August 15 and 16. With topic titles like “Swimming to Antarctica with NuttX,” how could anyone wishing to learn more about NuttX resist? To find out more about NuttX in general, visit NuttX.Apache.org. To find out more about the 2020 NuttX Online Workshop and to register, visit NuttX.Events. Now I’m wondering what the dress code is for a NuttX workshop. I will have to ask the butler if I have anything appropriate to wear. How about you? What apparel would you suggest for such an august occasion?  

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This sounds interesting.I suspect that it may get over my head but I’ll see if I can remember to tune in.

I think that a Hawaiian shirt would be appropriate for most of the sessions although “Swimming to Antarctica with NuttX,” may require something a tad warmer.

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