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The Untold Link Between 5G and Coronavirus

Have you seen the video that describes how the coronavirus has hit hardest where 5G was first deployed?

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I really can keep this short and sweet. The reason the link between 5G and coronavirus remains untold is… there isn’t one! To be honest, I never would have thought about this myself because it seems to be so self-evidently ludicrous. However, I was chatting to a techno-friend in the UK earlier this week — we’ll call him Joe (because that’s his name) — when he mentioned that a couple of 5G radio towers had been vandalized in the UK because there is a rumor going around that 5G is somehow related to the origin (or contributing to the spread) of the coronavirus (see also 5G and AR Meet 50,000 Fans at Super Bowl 2025).
Despite the conspiracy theories, there really is no link between 5G and Coronavirus (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: pixabay.com)
We had a bit of a chuckle and our conversation drifted on to other topics. If the truth be told, I would have thought no more about this, but just one day later I received a text from a non-techno friend in Tennessee — let’s call him Bruce (yes, of course that’s his name). Bruce started by asking if I’d heard about any adverse effects on humans from 5G. He then went on to explain that he’d seen a video on the internet saying the coronavirus has hit hardest where 5G was first deployed. My knee-jerk reaction was to say, “This is a complete load of tosh, twaddle, and tripe” (or words to that effect), but then I decided this might be considered a less-than well-reasoned argument. So, instead, I emailed my chum, Martin Rowe, who is the editor at 5G Technology World. I explained my predicament to Martin and asked, “Have you heard anything about this rubbish? Do you have any sites/articles I can point people at to say, ‘You are all idiots’ (or… words to that effect)?” Martin quickly responded: “I got an email the other day from someone asking if I was now onboard with the theory that 5G is about reducing population and controlling those people who remain. This conspiracy theory has been around for several years.” I pressed on asking if Martin knew of any articles refuting the purported 5G-coronavirus relationship. He first tried to fob me off with a link to an article, No, IoT RF Radiation Won’t Cause a Pandemic, but I wanted more. Eventually I wore Martin’s resistance down and he gathered his thoughts and presented them in his own column, 5G Does Not Spread Biological Viruses. Well, I think it’s safe to say that Martin’s position is clear. Sadly, once this sort of fake news ball starts rolling, it gains an inertia that’s hard to stop (I’m sure President Trump would agree with me on this — can you believe that people are still saying that there were fewer people at his inauguration than were at President Obama’s? — as if those side-by-side photographs prove anything). As a result, I fear I will continue to hear from friends asking if there is any truth in the 5G + coronavirus rumors. Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. How about you? Have you heard any 5G + coronavirus theories (conspiracy or otherwise) that make you want to gnash your teeth and rend your garb?

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I have to admit that I hadn’t heard this particular conspiracy theory before. I have Facebook “friends” at both ends of the political spectrum so I’ve seen enough wild theories to last me a while. I’d much rather hear how people are stepping up to help and how we can get through this if we all work together.

Stephen Pelc

The lockdown in Spain is more severe than in the UK … and people obey it where we are. The big problem is people from Madrid trying to escape to their second homes.

Charles Pfeil

Those who believe that 5G has anything to do with Covid-19 need to know that their tin hats won’t protect them from either one because their problem is mental.

Charles Pfeil

Googling Aluminium Foil Deflector Beanie opens the window to another universe.

Frank Schirrmeister

The misinformation on this topic is completely out of hand. So much so, that the most recent inquiry to me came from a friend in Mexico who also pointed me to some actual “documentary” on 5Gs danger. It was filmed pre-pandemic and focused on items like “beamforming being really for warfare”, the “bees telling us that 5G is all wrong because they disappear” and all “our brains being eventually fried”. A complete load of tosh, twaddle, and tripe indeed. Crazy times. Stay safe and healthy

Mike P. O'Keeffe

I have to admit, I enjoy reading about conspiracy theories, like harvesting wave energy will cause the moon to crash into the Earth (or move further away) because we’re taking energy out of a closed loop energy system. Bonkers!
But I often wonder where do some of these come from. Did someone research something and misunderstand the true physics behind something. I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix about Flat Earthers. The crazy thing was these were every day intelligent people. The weird part was these people had been told they were stupid by people with degrees/Masters/PhDs. This causes them to disregard any scientific sources and double down when they’re told they’re stupid for thinking these ideas. Without some of these people asking weird and wonderful questions, we might never have the igNoble Prize.
As for 5G causing Coronavirus, that’s mad. I suspect someone thinks the Electromagnetic Absorption of Water in these frequency ranges is causing these issues. What they don’t know is how much power is actually needed to affect people even standing close to these towers. A lot of work is done to ensure their safety. Similar to the amount of energy you would have to take from the waves in order to make the moon fly away (or crash). A little bit of science is dangerous, being told they’re stupid is only entrenching them further.

Mike F

Dr Martin Paul is interesting.
Hi is a biochemistry professor.
He has a fair amount of content searchable online,
this is just one I quickly found.
This is not specifically about 5G, but is about his ideas regarding what is happening at the cellular level in the presence of electromagnetic fields.
He discusses voltage gated calcium channel signaling.
I think this is related to the way beta blocker drugs work.

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