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You Will Want One of These!

You too can own one of the industry’s most sought after 2020 calendars featuring engineers’ desktops from around the world.

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Do you recall a little over a month ago when I posted a column about a 2020 Calendar featuring Engineers’ Desktops?
The 2020 Screaming Circuits Engineer’s Desktop Calendar is here! (Click image to see a larger version — Image source: Screaming Circuits)
If so, you may remember that the folks at Screaming Circuits were in the process of creating this little rascal. Of course, I couldn’t resist, so I submitted an image of the Pleasure Dome (my office), and I prompted everyone I know to do the same. Well, I just heard that the calendars have been printed. According to my chums at Screaming Circuits, they are “large and glossy and super dorky” (by which I assume they mean the calendars, and not the folks sending the email). They also say that all my friends are going to be jealous. Once again, I think they are talking about the calendar, as opposed to my cutting wit, rugged good looks, and sartorial sense of fashion (but I could be mistaken). I’m told that my calendar is winging its way to me as we speak. What’s really cool is that you can have one too. All you have to do is email marketing@screamingcircuits.com with your postal address saying you’d love a calendar, and they will make sure you get one (while supplies last). Furthermore, if you are interested in participating next year, just note this in the subject line of your email — something like “Please send a calendar; I’d like to participate next year; Max truly is Magnificent,” or words to that effect.

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Aubrey Kagan

Woohoo! I made the cut. After years of writing blogs, comments and lots of shameless self-promotion I am finally being recognized. Maintaining an untidy desk (against lots of opposition) for all these years has paid off!

I wait in great anticipation to see which is MY month!

And to all of you inspired to enter next year- Relax, I will not be entering since I am in my last lap before retirement. I will rest on my laurels.


Aubrey what can I say. Resting on laurels is not an option I am allowed retirement is worse for spare time than when I was at work. 🙂 🙂

Jonny Doin

… (by which I assume they mean the calendars, and not the folks sending the email)

Sorry Max, they mean the folks.

Anyway, I made the Super Dorky cut also! Thrilling!

Jonny Doin

Despair, despair!


YES of course! Quoted out of context! You have all the smart answers ?


This is awesome! I want one and I will put it up right by my desk and everyone who complains about my desk will see that it is natural.

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