Have you ever had an occasion when you were merrily meandering your way through life not knowing you wanted something because you didn’t even know such a thing existed, and then you were made aware of that thing’s existence and you decided that your life would no longer have meaning if you weren’t soon to find yourself the proud possessor of one of the little beauties?

Well, just such an occurrence happened to me yesterday as I pen these words. I was posting one of my columns to LinkedIn when I saw an item from Anthony J James, who is CEO Innovation & Growth at Trinity Consulting, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Anthony’s post included a video of someone using a tray that can be easily attached to a car’s steering wheel.

Car steering wheel tray: what a good idea! (Click image to see a larger version)

Since we are currently living in “interesting times,” it’s not unusual to find oneself sitting in one’s car outside a doctor or dentist’s office twiddling one’s thumbs. I’m sure a lot of folks also find themselves munching their breakfast or lunch in the parking lot outside a fast-food emporium. (Although I’m not aware of any fast-food problems, I haven’t indulged myself since the commencement of the coronavirus crisis circa March 2020. Now, every time I drive past a McDonalds, a little tear rolls down my cheek at the thought of the pert little sausage biscuits plaintively crying out in their high-pitched sausage biscuit voices, “Max, where are you and why have you forsaken us?”)

Regarding the video on LinkedIn, someone posted a comment saying, “I love it. I want one. But won’t it be difficult to drive?” There was a smiley face indicating this was a joke, but someone else immediately responded, “It is not for use during driving — to be used only when the car is parked.” My first thought was, “Give me strength!” But then I thought, “Americans and Australians — what can you do — they need all the advice we can give them — bless their little cotton socks.”

Someone else posted a comment saying, “I really need this,” and yet another commenter asked, “how can I get one,” to which someone replied, “Here’s the link: https://lnkd.in/gz7zsE8” I bounced over to take a look, but it was $34.99 (purporting to be reduced from $69.99). This was a little rich for my blood, and I said as much in my own response to the LinkedIn thread.

Well, this unleashed a flurry of responses from different folks pointing me at similar — and much more affordable — items at Walmart ($15.99) and Amazon ($13.99). It’s perhaps worth noting that all the trays I’ve seen have different features on their two sides — one side is intended for holding food and a beverage, while the other is more geared to working and writing.

Also, it turns out that there’s a cornucopia of additional items you can purchase for your automotive home-away-from-home, such as a vent-mounting condiment container and a universal French Fry holder that fits in your car’s cup holder. However, while both of these little scamps have a certain je ne sais quoi, I don’t think we should let our emotions run wild.

On the other hand, the aforementioned tray would easily slide under one’s seat and it would doubtless prove useful on occasion, at which time you would become the envy of anyone who saw you using the little scamp. So, how about you? Could you be tempted to one of these little rascals?