A couple of years ago, we had a rather disastrous water leak at our house. As a result, we ended up having to have a lot of work done. This included a lot of fiddly pieces of wood and tile that had to be shaped to the contours of wooden door frames and various plumbing fixtures.

I remember watching the contractor guys sketching things out by hand with a pencil and then cutting the wood or tile, sometimes multiple times until they got it right.

I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I was bouncing around Pinterest.com the other day when a rather intriguing gadget caught my eye. This little rapscallion turned out to be a capriciously cunning contour capturing contraption.

I quickly found one called the AlexBasic Contour Gauge Duplicator on Amazon, and I was so impressed that I ordered one of the little rascals. The little scamp just arrived, and I took this video in my office.


I have to say that I am very impressed. It may be that this is something of which you are already aware, in which case you are probably shaking your head saying, “Oh Max, what are we to do with you?” On the other hand, it’s been a surprise to everyone I’ve shown it to, so maybe it will be new to you also.

All I can say is that I think this little beauty would make a fantastic stocking filler present for any handyman or handywoman. What say you?