I was just reading a column by my chum Steve Leibson about Ray Holt and the CADC – The World’s First Military Digital Flight Computer.

This made me think of my chum Jay Dowling who pointed me at this video. Have you ever thought how expensive it must be to train fighter pilots? As it says in the video: “Training a pilot is costly and teaming him up with a wingman for a simulated dogfight is even more expensive. But pitching him up against a state-of-the-art aircraft is almost impossible.”

In the past, people might have considered using flight simulators. However, although this may be a good solution for commercial pilots, it really doesn’t cut the mustard for a fighter pilot who needs to know the feel of his/her machine intimately.

The solution, as shown in the above video, is brilliant. Put the pilot in a real plane but simulate his wingman and any enemy planes using the latest and greatest in augmented reality (AR) technology (I wonder what Ray Holt thinks of this).

OMG! Why didn’t I think of this?