I just received an email from Enzo, who is with the team at HalmaPixel. Enzo wanted to make sure I was up to date with the team’s latest offering, which is called DuoFlex.

DuoFlex is billed as “The World’s First 360° Rotation Dual-Screen Monitor.” What this means is a dual-screen assembly you can rotate such that the screens are stacked (presented horizontally, one above the other) or aligned (presented vertically, side-by-side). Also, you can lift, lower, and tilt the assembly to modify the height and viewing angle.

There are currently two screen size choices (24” and 27”) and three resolution options (1080P, 2K, and 4K). Hmmm, I wonder which one I want LOL.

As we see in the above video, in addition to their touchscreen capability (very, very useful), these bodacious beauties boast seamless, single-cable connectivity (that’s one cable from your host computer to the display) with 165W pass-through charging and a 7-in-one dock (1x USB-A, 2x HDMI, and 4X USB Type-C).

The only thing that would make the DuoFlex better, as far as I’m concerned, would be the ability to “fold” the two displays together for transportation purposes. Whenever my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) and I go anywhere, I usually end up working a few hours each day in our hotel room, and it’s a pain lugging a big display around, but we digress…

Daisy-chaining multiple DuoFlex units to form a display wall (Click image to see a larger version)

You can daisy-chain multiple DuoFlex units to form a display wall. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Having two DuoFlex units with their four screens presented as shown here would certainly bring a little tear of joy to my eye.

Here in my office, I currently have two AGON AG323QCX2 31.5” curved widescreen LCD monitors sitting side-by-side to provide a super-size desktop. I love them to bits, but I am using every inch of screen real-estate to accommodate multiple application windows. Since I’m a 1-man show, spending a minimum of 8-hours a day (only 4 hours a day on the weekends) sweating over a hot keyboard, anything I can do to increase my productivity would make the radiance of my smile light up the world.

I’ll have to start saving. In the meantime, do you have any thoughts you’d care to share on displays in general and the DuoFlex in particular, including how the DuoFlex compares to the first computer screen you ever saw?