Do you recall the classic 1973 American science fiction comedy film Sleeper, which was directed, written by, and starred Woody Allen?

Although Woody later fell from grace, I still think this was one of his funniest films. It parodies a dystopic future of the United States in 2173. Our hero, Miles Monroe (played by Woody) is the owner of a health food store who is cryogenically frozen in 1973 and defrosted 200 years later in an ineptly led police state.

I remember one scene in particular when Miles, while pretending to be a robot, is randomly delivered to work in the home of idle socialite Luna Schlosser (played by Diane Keaton). Luna is preparing for a party and instructs Miles to make sure there’s plenty of food for all the guests.

Mikes goes into the kitchen, finds a jar market “Instant Pudding,” scoops a spoonful into a bowl, and adds some liquid. As we see in this video snippet, the pudding immediately starts to grow out of control.

Something similar happened to me this morning. My hair and I tend to go our own way and try not to step on each other’s toes (metaphorically speaking). Before heading out to the office. my usual morning routine involves my sticking my head in a bowl of water and washing my hair with a bar of soap.

Channeling Queen Victoria, my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) is prone to give me the “We are not amused” look at this practice. As a result, yesterday, she presented me with a bottle of shampoo and instructed me to use it.

On the off chance you are interested, this is Maui Moisture Shampoo featuring Aloe, Awapuhi, Tiare Flower, and Coconut Oil… and that’s just for starters.

Thus it was that this morning, after marinating my noggin, I squeezed a lima-bean-sized glob of shampoo into my hand and applied it to my head.

O-M-G… the resulting ball of foam just wouldn’t stop growing. After only a few seconds my head of foam was the size and shape of Marge Simpson’s hair. I started to fear that it would take over the house. Fortunately, as an engineer, I’m trained to handle emergencies, so I didn’t panic. It has to be said, however, that it took an inordinate amount of rinsing to dispatch the beast into the nether regions of the drain.

If I’d used any more, I might not be here to talk to you now. All I can say is that this shampoo should come with a warning label!