I just heard from my chum Rick Curl who told me about an interesting article he ran across in the most recent issue of MAKE: magazine.

It seems that a guy called Nicholas Temese, who hails from Quebec, Canada, creates highly detailed miniature scale models of classic computers from yesteryear.

Rick pointed me at this YouTube video showing a miniature version of a 1960s IBM 1401 mainframe.

I love this sort of thing. The detail is awesome. It’s particularly poignant for people like your humble narrator who used to work in environments like this.

Rick also directed me to Nicholas’s Miniatua Limited Edition website where we find all sorts of tasty models. I dare not even think about the countless hours these creations must consume, but I know I would love to have one here in my office. What say you? Do any of these bodacious beauties take you on a trip down memory lane?