As I said a few weeks ago in a column on (see Do Robot Dogs Dream of Cyborg Cats?): “Were you wondering if anyone was in the process of using decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) to create a pack of robot dogs? If so, I can put your mind to rest by informing you that the answer to your question is a resounding ‘Yes!’”

More recently, here on the Cool Beans Blog, we saw a video of humanoid and canine robots dancing together and I commented: “It’s a sad day when you get to watch a video of a dancing humanoid robot that has better moves than you, especially if your dad used to be a professional dancer” (see Do You Love Me?).

Well, after seeing the video in the Do You Love Me? column, my chum Alvin Brown sent me an email saying “Here’s a poor man’s version of the dog from Boston Dynamics,” along with a link to the Bittle Bionic Open-Source Robot Dog created by those clever guys and gals at Seeed Studio. Oooh, I have to say that I do fancy one of these little beauties.

Strange to relate, just a couple of minutes later, my chum Jay Dowling sent me another email saying “So now we have robot dog breeds,” coupled with a link to this video of the Unitree A1 Robot Puppy. Oooh, I REALLY fancy one of these little scamps.


As always with YouTube, one thing leads to another, and I soon found myself watching a video of Nine Mini Cheetahs, quickly followed by a video of a Robot Sheepdog.

Totally off-topic, but I need to share before I forget, Jay also sent me a link to a DIY Arduino-powered e-Paper Smartwatch, while my friend Martin Rowe pointed me at a mindboggling article Scammers Sell 5G Repellent Cream Online and People Actually Buy It.

Regarding the e-Paper Smartwatch, I want one! Regarding the 5G Repellent Cream, two thoughts spring to mind: (a) Where are these people when I want to sell one of my own stupid creations? and (b) does this cream come in different flavors and scents (I like vanilla and lavender)?