Well, I must admit that this one took me by surprise. My chum Jay Dowling just pointed me at the YouTube Channel of a guy who travels under the name of Atomic14, which is, of course, the atomic number of silicon.

In particular, Jay pointed me at a video titled Look Mum no wires! These wireless LEDs will blow your mind! Well, I’m always open to a mind-blowing experience, so I bounced over to feast my orbs.

Wow! This is really interesting. Of course, my next thought was, “I wonder how we could make these ourselves?” You can only imagine my surprise and delight to discover that Mr. Atomic14 has us covered with a follow-up video called How to make your own Wireless LEDs — it’s like he was reading my mind.

Up until a couple of minutes ago, I’d never even considered the possibility of wireless LEDs. Now I feel as though my life will be incomplete without them! What say you?