I just received an email from my chum Rick Curl. Accompanying a link to this video was the message: “I found this one totally by accident — I would never have thought of using pompoms, plastic penguins, trolls, or Japanese fans as display elements!”


When I bounced over to the YouTube page, I was led astray by the “Amazing Mechanical Mirrors” part of the title, which caused me to think of a classical mirror in the form of an object that reflects light.

In reality, the creator of these bodacious beauties — Daniel Rozin, Artist and Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU — builds interactive displays that mimic (or “mirror”) the form and movements of the viewer.

These are AWESOME. Every time I see one, I think, “That’s my favorite.” And then I see the next one and I think, “No, that’s my favorite!”

I love each and every one and I want to recreate them all. If I ever get the chance to lay my hands on a large number of servos for not much money, I will go for it. How about you? Which one of the “mirrors” in this video is your favorite? And could you be tempted to build one yourself?